Individualized nutrition coaching

Individual nutrition counseling sessions (~60 minutes) include an evaluation of your past medical history, diet history, current nutrition patterns, and lifestyle. From there, we will brainstorm realistic goals and create a plan to achieve them.  


Skype or video chat coaching sessions

Skype or video chat counseling sessions are a great option for those seeking individualized nutrition counseling without the hassle of driving to an appointment. 


Nutrition Education Classes

Whether you are seeking nutrition education classes as part of your employee wellness program, or something to get the entire family involved, group nutrition classes and counseling sessions can be catered to meet your needs. 



Consulting services for fitness facilties

Nutrition and exercise are integral components to health. Consulting services for your fitness facility can be customized and catered to meet your needs and get your clients the results they need. Options can include but are not limited to providing clients with one on one nutrition services, teaching progressive nutrition courses to get new members motivated, sharing nutrition information through monthly newsletters, blogs, etc.  Hiring a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can help you create a program that does not exceed the scope of you fitness facility.